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Magician Oxfordshire: Matt Parro can add the magic for your event. Matt specialises in contemporary magic for functions in Oxfordshire.

Hiring an entertainer can be a overwhelming procedure as there is so much choice available. So why should you hire Matt Parro?

Matt arrives at your event or celebration to help AMAZE you and your guests! With persona, remarkable table magic, and charisma, you know Matt will leave your function with your party guests wanting even more!

Matt Parro the close up magician works throughout the United Kingdom entertaining thousands of people each year, as a result of his extraordinary expertise he has been showcased on BBC Television and the worldwide media including the Sun Newspaper (see Biography).

Doing business with much of the globe’s largest companies, from the likes of Spotify, Twitter and Heart Radio. Matt is an expert corporate magician and will make your co-workers as well as customers say WOW (see Clients).

Magic is visually spectacular which enables it to produce a feeling of wonder. Oxfordshire magician Matt performs wonders using money, every day items as well as playing cards, he will even make magazine clippings turn into cash! Whatever your occasion, Matt’s modern-day talent must not be missed.

Events in Oxfordshire

If your event requires Magic?
Oxfordshire magician Matt Parro can perform as the following:


Have you witnessed the Oxfordshire magician execute his wonderful close-up magic live? If not, watch the video below to give you an impression of what you should expect at your up coming function.

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Planning an event in Oxfordshire? It could not be easier to hire a magician. Fill out the form to the right or on the contact page for a free of charge no obligation quotation. Enquiries are replied to within 24-hours. The form takes a moment to complete, and by submitting it, you will create emotions of delight, surprise and enjoyment not only for you but each of your guests too! Don’t miss the opportunity, Matt Parro is one of the UK’s top Oxfordshire magicians, so book early on to avoid disappointment.

Magicians In…

Matt Parro entertains throughout Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire close-up magician & table magician Matt performs in the follows regions of the county:

  • Oxford
  • Banbury
  • Abingdon
  • Bicester
  • Witney
  • Didcot
  • Kidlington
  • Carterton
  • Thame
  • Henley on Thames
  • Including surrounding towns and cities

Having a event outside of Oxfordshire, don’t worry, Matt Parro travels the country delivering fantastic entertainment. Browse the areas page to find out which locations outside of Oxfordshire that Matt works in.


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