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Magician Eastbourne

Magician Eastbourne Matt Parro is one of Europe’s finest magicians. His portfolio includes many hugely successfully executed live magic performances, television and media appearances, all thanks to his expertise in magic.

When it comes to performing magic, Matt Parro is the name that’s always on people minds. His charisma, charm and experience that he exudes when performing his unique style of magic help all in attendance experience a mind blowing act that will remain etched in their minds for ages to come.

Matt Parro’s experience in performing magic professionally spans for over 10 years, making him one of the few magicians that are capable of performing incredible unique magic tricks that are a thrilling and entertaining for a variety of functions and parties.

If you are organising a party or event, that you want to stand out, look no further than Matt Parro Eastbourne Magician. Below is a detailed report of the type of events and parties you can hire Matt Parro for…

Close Up Magician Eastbourne

Eastbourne magician Matt Parro a modern miracle performer. He is well known due to the stunning tricks that he executes during his performance. He makes use of very elaborate and simple everyday items. Matt’s close up magic includes:

  • Coins
  • iPhones
  • Notes
  • Cards
  • iPads

The combination of the above items combined with Matt’s confidence, authority, control and charm help him deliver a show nothing short of perfection. When you do your own research or survey, you will come to see why Matt Parro is the number one magician in Eastbourne.

If you are hosting a party, you need to hire close up magicians in Eastbourne that perform their act around the tables while your guests are being served drinks and food. This way, you will keep them engaged and cut out the waiting times all of this whilst your guests and are thrilled by Matt’s close up performance!

Wedding Magician Eastbourne

Eastbourne magician Matt Parro is the go to magician if you want a party that beams during your grand day. Wedding Magic is a 21st century sophisticated way of breaking the ice especially during the wedding’s photos or while your guests are enjoying drinks at the reception.

By hiring Wedding magicians you will be able to give you and all your family, friends and colleagues outstanding wedding entertainment at their tables (Table magic). This is an action that will generate a huge buzz for everyone in attendance filling the room with Joy, laughter and most of amazement.

If you are the couple getting hitched or the wedding planner, and you wish to make the day even more special, hiring the services of Eastbourne wedding magician Matt Parro will leave everyone laughing, amazed, dazed, thrilled and shocked, so much so, they will be cheering for more!.

Party Magician Eastbourne

Stop, take a minute and think outside the box. There is no need of throwing yet another party, why not throw down THE PARTY! One that everybody will attend, talk about and take off their hats to you. Close up party magicians are some of the best performers that will definitely produce the much needed energy and life into your party.

Eastbourne Magician Matt Parro is an experienced, seasoned, modern day magician. Once you hire his services, you should expect nothing short of exquisite magic. Matt is the go to guy if you want your party to be remembered for years to come.

If you are throwing a party (Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Christmas Party, Birthday, Anniversary, Stag Party, etc.) ring Matt Parro direct and watch as your guests have fun beyond belief.

Table Magician Eastbourne

Table magic is part of the magical art that carries significant attributes, values and aspects likened to Close up Magic. A Table Magician in Eastbourne will conduct magical performances with close visual effects right in-front of audiences leaving them bewildered and thoroughly intrigued by the performance.

That said however, for this kind of performance to gain populace, it’s a niche that should be performed during meal courses. The audience will be left focusing on the intriguing show performed by the one and only Matt Parro as they get served their meals.

Corporate Magician Eastbourne

Eastbourne Magician Matt Parro is well known, highly recognised and respected for his thrilling performances. Plenty of Eastbourne corporate events will be given a boost by magic. If you are opening:

  • A new store
  • A New branch
  • Hosting office Christmas parties
  • Training days
  • Hosting trade shows

Matt Parro is the Eastbourne magician to keep your guests entertained. His shows will attract and keep crowds intrigued and curious about a certain service or product that you are launching. It goes without saying that the shows will help your service or product become a household name and will be shared by the people that were fortunate enough to attend the show.

Eastbourne Magician Hire

Matt Parro is a magician that is only a call away to cover your entertainment need at your event. Just go to the contact page or fill in the contact form to the right of this page and you will be able to get in touch with him direct.

Matt can be hired to perform the following services in Eastbourne:

Eastbourne Corporate Magician: Corporate Entertainment, Trade Show Magician, Training Day Magician, Store Opening Magician, Team Building Magic, Corporate Hospitality, Christmas Party Magician Eastbourne.

Eastbourne Wedding Magician: Wedding Entertainment, Hen party, Stag Party, Photographs Magician, Drinks Reception Magician, Wedding Breakfast Magician Eastbourne.

Eastbourne Party Magician: House Warming Magician, Uni Ball Magician, Drinks Reception Magician, School Prom Magician, Dinner Party Magician, Birthday Party Magician, Bat Mitzvah Magician, Bar Mitzvah Magician Eastbourne.